Sending remittances now will be easier


Nicaraguans living in the United States will be more likely to send remittances to their families, with the new Prepaid Remesa Banpro card service and the UniBancard MasterCad card, which were presented Thursday by Banpro.

"This product works through transfers of remittances from card to card," said Elisena Gómez, head of products Prepaid Banpro of Banpro.

Gómez explained that Nicaraguans in the United States can apply for the UniBancard MasterCad card through the UniBancard website ( and once activated can transfer the money to the Banpro Prepaid Remembrance card, so that Your family members use it.

The relative in Nicaragua can withdraw the card at the Banpro branch you wish.

Gómez stressed that Banpro is replacing the traditional way of receiving remittances. "They no longer have to go to the bank branch to withdraw their remittances, but once their relative in

the United States transfers the money to the prepaid card, the beneficiary can avail the funds immediately, because the transaction is online, "stressed the Banpro official.

The money can be withdrawn in cash by any of Banpro's channels of attention, ie in its 76 bank branches, 1,750 Banpro agents and 242 ATMs throughout Nicaragua.

Cardholders will also be able to shop at hundreds of merchants in different parts of the world, buy, pay online, among other transactions.

Luis Emilio González, president of CardMarte, presented the UniBancard card, which is issued in the United States.

Gonzalez said that part of the benefits is that the transfers are made without intermediaries and without schedules. Likewise, said that it has no cost to acquire the card, neither monthly charges nor activation costs.

"There is obviously a cost for the transfer, but compared to the market (remittance shipments) is very economic," said Gonzalez.

Fusion of industries

For González, what is being given is a merger of two industries: that of prepaid debits in the United States and that of remittances.

Figures from the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) indicate that in 2014 Nicaragua received US $ 1,135 million, of which 20% were made through Banpro.

"In this case, what we have created is a new product or instrument, uniting the two industries and creating many benefits that have the two cards for the immigrant in the United States and their families in Nicaragua," said CardMarte president.

The debit card sector is well regulated in the United States, so "with peace of mind and with all our pride we can say that it is the first card that can make transfers complying with all the guidelines," he said.

Gómez added that this new modality of sending and receiving remittances that Banpro is presenting in Nicaragua will give greater security to the people, because they will not have to walk much money in cash, but they will be able to make purchases through the card.

The maximum amount of deposit on that card is US $ 2,000 per month and up to US $ 1,000 in a single day.

  • 1,135 million of dollars received in Nicaragua in 2014 as remittances.